About Us

Imagine your favorite childhood stories merging with the delightful flavors of tea, all in one magical sip. That’s what Tea Beasties are all about, and they’re not your typical tea bags—they’re your companion on a journey through taste and imagination.

Inspired by my favorite childhood tales and my love for a perfect cup of tea, I dreamt of crafting a tea bag that could capture the essence of those timeless stories. However, the path to brewing this unique blend was no walk in the park.

When I shared my vision with tea bag manufacturers, they all said it was impossible without a massive investment in machinery. But I wasn’t one to give up, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn the art of tea bag production. Thus, Tea Beasties came to life.

Established in Singapore, I am dedicated to creating sustainable employment opportunities for elderly individuals. Through our products, we not only offer a range of benefits but also ensure the long-term job security of senior citizens by employing them in the production of our handmade tea bags.

Thank you for your support in Tea Beasties!

Bellen Tan
Tea Beasties®